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カリフォルニアスタイルのThe Pizza Pressがハワイ店第一号!

カリフォルニア仕込みの”The Pizza Press"が、ハワイで第一号店を12月にオープンします!場所はパールハイランズセンターです。好みの50以上ものトッピングを選んでオリジナルのピザを作るタイプ。


1000 Kamehameha Highway, Suite 233 Pearl City, HI 96782

Extra, eat all about it! The 1920s newspaper-themed pizza restaurant, The Pizza Press, is planning to celebrate the opening of their first location in Hawaii at Pearl Highlands Center mid-December 2018. The California-based franchise will feature an interactive, open-kitchen layout that invites customers to “publish their own pizzas” by choosing from a large selection of fresh, premium toppings. With more than 50 different fresh ingredients to choose from, diners can select everything from the type of dough, sauce, toppings, and cheese they’d like on their custom-crafted pizzas. Gluten-free dough and vegan cheese are also available. Once the pizzas are assembled, they are published and hot off the press within four minutes. Phil and Sarah Nguyen, the local owners of The Pizza Press, were first introduced to The Pizza Press at its original location in Anaheim, across from Disneyland. The family was instantly drawn to this concept, the personal and warm service, and of course, the delicious handcrafted pizzas. “It’s been a dream of my wife’s and mine ever since, to bring this special business to Hawaii to share the experience with our island community,” said Phil. The restaurant’s specialty menu includes signature pizzas named after major newspapers such as The Times, The Tribune, and The Chronicle for those who don’t want to create their own pizzas from scratch. While custom pizzas may grab the headlines at The Pizza Press, diners can also enjoy newsworthy draughts of local and micro craft beers on tap. The eatery offers an impressive selection of up to two dozen regional craft beers that change regularly, keeping each experience fresh and exciting. For more information on The Pizza Press, visit www.thepizzapress.com/. Also follow the Pizza Press on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thepizzapresspearlcity/ and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/thepizzapresspearlcity/. About the Pizza Press: Founded in 2012, The Pizza Press is a top pizza franchise dedicated to bringing the ‘build your own pizza’ model to a new, experiential level. The restaurant offers an immersive, 1920s Americana-inspired newspaper theme where delicious food and the finest craft beers are combined with a fun ambience and incredible service. The Pizza Press’ theme is inspired by the mechanized dough press and harkens back to an era when newspaper were part of the foundation of every town.

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