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もともとは、ハワイで子供の洋服などを手作り販売していたJaclyn Karreira の娘がトーナメント旅行に行く際に、チームのためにマスクを購入しようと思っていた。オンラインで探したが買うことができなかった。そこで、自分で作ってみようと決意。





  1. Jaclyn Karreira says it all started about five weeks ago, when her daughter's volleyball team was heading to a tournament in Las Vegas. Karreira went online to look for masks, but noticed they were completely sold out. So, she decided to step in and do it herself.

  2. After posting a picture of her masks to her business's Instagram page, the orders came flooding in.

  3. "The first day was like 20 orders, which was surprsing to me. I didn't think I was going to get that many orders. Everyday it's just been more and more. It's been about a few hundred masks that I've been making every week," explained Karreira.

Just a reminder, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention recommends that healthy people don't wear masks because they won't protect people from the virus. However, if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, wearing a mask can help prevent others from getting infected.


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